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Poster AI Lab Convention

So California Film Festival

Poster Music Digital Fest

Poster After the Party
Grundig Poster
Grundig Retro Poster

Poster Bhopali

Youth Basketball Award

Cartoon web banner for Picture Hang Solutions (

22 Year Commemerative

CD cover Grant Park Chorus

Book cover So You Want to Learn Spanish

Faux Christmas card EXPOGO Displays & Graphics
Dempster Bus Graphics
Graphics for Ryan Dempster 22q Awareness Tour

Graphic for 10' Tufts University booth

Marketing and iPhone App graphics for Claytracker

Graphic for 10' Visionair convention booth

Four foot banner for production area

EXPOGO Displays & Graphics Product Catalog

Image retouching (job shown as example is touchup for Flooring Pro Fastening)
Peeps and Pets
People and Their Pets, in collaboration with photographer Maia Cordaro