King of the Algae Planet. Leader of the hordes of little bacteria that roam the Algae planet.

The Treasurer of Teachings. Mo's brother. Ananda was lost at Meru but his spirit lives on.

Leader of the Food Kith. An excellent cook that can eat up to 12 times his own weight.

Her force field protects players by diverting the onslaught of the planet bosses.

Big Momma

Founder of the Food Kith. She is Art's great great great great grandmother.

One of the four Recruits. Aquatic Animal and Marine Geology Specialist.

Boss of the Garbage Planet. Wallows in goo and does not like ONI from the Sky Planet.

Founder of the Cat Kith. Booker made sure the cats made it aboard the Skidbladnir as it left Meru.

The baby ONI who's sleep noises puts others to sleep, notably the boss characters.

One of the giant Toggleburts who lives on the Earthlike Planet. Sleeps most of the day.


One of the giant Toggleburts. Buzzleblond eats most anything he sees.
Slyest of the sly. Great great great great grandmother to Skat. Married to Meoper.

One of the four Recruits. Highest in command, he is the Operations and Technology expert.

Leader of the Barbarian Kith. Descended from the warriors of old. In charge of defending the ONI.

Leader of the Other Kith. Dirt helps preserve the traditions and customs of old world Meru.

Free spirit and great great great great grandmother to Nina. Married to Irik.

Donny Doubletake
Reporter, journalist for the Sky News. One of the last ONI to be left on the Sky Planet.

Founder of the Money Kith. Mo's cousin. Supervised the construction of ONI cities.

Electric Ruff
Provides electicity to power the Linguisticator. Electric Ruffs live close to the Galactic Sun.

Fat Cat
Since his fall from the Sky Planet he has been seen eating and getting fatter on the Garbage Planet.

The mother of all Barbarians (for real). She had tons of kids. Married to Zang.

Gong Gong
Boss of the Dojo board. Gong Gong spews (shoots out) electicity at any nearby ONI.

Mac's best friend. Tough guy wrestler that gets into it with the bosses of the game boards. Nice guy though.

The ultimate in Robotics, the mysterious Hanzo lives on the Unknown Planet and has a strange connection to Mo.

The mischeveous monkeys of King Pangu's Island. Pangu has been trying to get rid of them for a long time.

Art's great great great great grandfather. Married to Big Mama, it's a good thing Hugi could eat 12 times his own weight.

A pupil of the great Ananda. Married to Diya. Irik passed on his wisdom and knowledge to the wise Nina.

Leader of the Rogue Kith. Master at hiding and confusion. Rogue Kith members are mysterious and aloof.

The master himself. Professor of all things ONI. Juro's knowledge extends to all aspects of ONI life.

Great great great great grandfather to Larry and Lisa. Kai was the first of the ONI labor leaders. He is honored by all workers.

Married to Kai. Her caring and loving spirit is carried on in the Community Service Kith.

King Pangu
Boss of King Pangu's Island. Pangu is not a bad guy but he doesn't like all the ONI showing up on his island.

Leader of the Academy Kith. He is entrusted with preserving the history of the ONI. Larry is Lisa's brother.

Leader of the Community Service Kith. In charge of free speech protection and cleanliness.

Villain and Developer of the Anti-Gravity Device. Is he bent on interplanetary domination?

Leader of the Money Kith. Promotes free enterprise and creative spending. Mac is also very strong.

Married to Mo. She founded the Community Service Kith and the Academy Kith. A very respected ONI.

Great great great great grandfather to Skat. Handed down his quickness and cleverness to Skat.

One of the four Toggleburts. Mertle is a slow moving wanderer. He lives on the Earthlike Planet.

Considered a hero to all ONI. A great inventor and builder, Mo led the ONI away from the destruction of Meru.

One of the four Toggleburts. He can be heard but not always seen mumbling and grumbling in the distance.

Great great great great grandmother to Ith. Her free spirit and mysterious ways lie on in Ith to this day. Married to Warro.

Leader of the Medical Service Kith providing the best medical care for the ONI. Nina is known to be the wisest of all the great leaders.

One of the four Recruits. He is a goo and odd substances expert. Skilled at cleanup of hazardous material.

One of the four Recruits. Scout and communications expert. Has the ability of visual telepathy.

Leader of the Cat Kith. Finds himself in trouble alot and is very fast and clever. Doesn't get along with Dat.

Urda has the ability to find hidden ONI. Unfortunately, she gets tired very fast and needs alot of naps.

Great great great great grandfather to Ith. Married to Nia. A great artist and founder of the Rogue Kith.

The lost pirate ONI. It is said Yarr was swallowed by and is living in the belly of Karen The Giant Squid. He's a pretty tough pirate.

Founder of the Barbarian Kith, the guardians of the ONI. Dat's great great great great grandfather. Married to Gerna.

Lives on the Algae Planet. Zoopy spends all his time at the bottom of the sea overeating on bacteria.

Mac's cousin. He is not only one of the strongest of the Oni, he is also one of the coolest.
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