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Screened at the 2008 San Diego International Children’s Festival
at Comic-Con and the 2008 Cucalorus Kids! Film Festival in Wilmington, NC.

Story: Cordell Cordaro
: Joe Cordaro
Illustrations: Cordell Cordaro & Joe Cordaro

Survivors of Sexual Assault
Winner of 2015 ADDY Award. Gold for Best in Video & Broadcast.
A window into the reality of healing for sexual assault survivors.
Produced and Directed by Sharon Locke
Editing and animation - Christopher Reeg
Music - Joe Cordaro
Photographs - Sharon Locke Promo
Marketing how-to video explaining the value of purchasing
through Home Health Testing on line.
Design & Animation: Joe Cordaro Narration: Tammy Arnold Info Piece
Informational video explaining how long
THC remains in your system after use.
Design & video: Joe Cordaro Narration: Tammy Arnold
Screened at the 2011 DanceAlorus Festival as part of the
Cucalorus Film Festival.
Shown in conjunction with live dance on stage.
Design & video: Joe Cordaro